Photography, Audio Engineering, Filmmaking, Computer Systems, Skill Set Training

Self-taught through books, magazines, manuals, web, time, and experimentation

Chabot College
2011 to 2012 · TV & Radio Broadcasting · Hayward, California
Attended classes in TV & Radio Broadcasting because CSM wanted me to get my degree. The drive wasn’t too bad. Term papers are stupid. Didn’t meet any girls.

Foothill College
2010 to 2011 · Photography · Radio · Los Altos Hills, California
Took a live class in radio and online classes in photography, and electronic media because CSM wanted me to get my degree. Discovered I don’t like online classes. Didn’t meet any girls.

San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
2008 · Digital Filmmaking · San Francisco, California
Took a 5 week workshop. Learned a filmmaking workflow. Learned about screenwriting. Helped other students. Met a good group of filmmakers.

Future Rhythm
2005 · Pro Tools Certification · Santa Clara, California
Took all Pro Tools classes in audio and video for certification. Classes turned out to be feature reviews of app and hardware. Tried to help the other students who wanted to learn audio engineering. Got certified as a Pro Tools Music Operator on my second try at a multiple choice test. Got a commemorative t-shirt. Didn’t bother with the Pro Tools Post-Production Operator test, Pro Tools Music Expert test, or the Pro Tools Post-Production Expert test. Didn’t meet any girls.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
1986 to 1987 · General Education · Gautier, Mississippi
Took classes at night to learn something new. Hosed a test on the Bill of Rights. Didn’t meet any girls.

San Diego City College
1984 to 1986 · General Education · San Diego, California
Took classes at night to learn something new. Passed a Russian history class with a C that’s still good toward a degree to this day. Didn’t meet any girls.

U.S. Navy
Electronics technician · 1982 to 1988 · United States of America
Decided electronics would be my thing. Discovered it was really boring. Found out later that my electronics training would help me better understand all the things I do today. What an incredible irony. Didn’t meet any girls.

College of San Mateo
In 1982 · General Education · San Mateo, California
Mostly withdrew from the classes I enrolled in. Failed the rest. Spent a lot of time playing Tempest in the student center because I was always late for my 8:00AM math class. Passed a Sociology class with a C that’s still good toward a degree to this day.

Serramonte High School
Class of 1981 · Daly City, California
A/B student until I met my girlfriend, got a job, and got my license. Then I became a C/D student. Performed in a few plays. Photographer for the yearbook. Got fired as yearbook editor senior year. Ran cross-country and discovered I hate running. Wrestled for half a season and discovered I hate wrestling. Disqualified from the tennis team (too few classes). Would’ve preferred to be anywhere else junior and senior year. Wrote incomplete sentences. Best part was meeting the girlfriend. She was totally hot.