476 Quiz


This quiz is about critical thinking. Write or type your answers on a separate sheet of paper, or have your answers on a screen (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). I’ll look at your completed quizzes before the review. Bring your answers to class for grading. If you cannot make the quiz review, just email the answers to me before the last day of class. 90% is passing. Rots o’ruck.

  1. What happens in pre-production?

  2. What happens in production?

  3. What happens in post-production?

  4. Define the role of the director.

  5. Define the role of the camera operator.

  6. Define the role of the boom operator.

  7. Define the role of the audio engineer.

  8. Define the role of the PA.

  9. Why do we slate a take?