476 HBA


Hours By Arrangement

Students are required to complete 2 hours of HBA per week. This consists of 16 practice assignments. See the separate Practice Assignments for details. The practice assignments are to be completed outside of regular class hours during open lab hours in 2-117A with an instructor present. You do not need to submit the completed assignment. You can download a PDF of the HBA log sheet below. Fill out the log sheet with your hours and submit the PDF at the end of the semester. You must complete 32 hours of HBA by the end of the semester for full credit toward your grade. Hours fewer than 32 will result in an equivalent percentage point grade reduction.

476 HBA Log Sheet

HBA Log Sheet Example

HBA Lab Hours

I will be in the lab as per the times listed below. You’re welcome to do your HBA hours during my other classes if there is an iMac available.

Location: 2-117A

Monday through Thursday
2:30PM – 3:00PM
5:15PM – 6:00PM
8:15PM – 9:00PM

Assignment 01

Camcorder Controls Review

Using your cheat sheet and the manual, review all features, functions, and controls on the camcorder.

Assignment 02

Camcorder Setup Review

Using your cheat sheet and the manual, setup camcorder for a 4K shoot.

Assignment 03

Camcorder Shot Review

Make a number of cinematic shots using the camcorder

Assignment 04

Video shoot: outdoors

Make a number of shots outdoors under various lighting conditions. Use different camera angles and movements.

Assignment 05

Video shoot: indoors

Make a number of shots indoors under various lighting conditions. Use different camera angles and movements.

Assignment 06

Video shoot: interview

Shoot an interview in various locations using different microphones.

Assignment 07

Video shoot: music video

Shoot clips for a music video project.

Assignment 08

Asset management

Practice sorting, rating, ad selecting

Assignment 09


Practice using and customizing transitions

Assignment 10

Color grading

Practice using the Lumetri color panel

Assignment 11

Audio editing

Practice editing audio including fade-ins, fade-outs, and leveling

Assignment 12


Practice slowing down and speeding up clips

Assignment 13


Practice exporting a project in various file formats using different codecs

Assignment 14

Practice editing a slow paced video

Assignment 15

Practice editing a fast paced video

Assignment 16

Practice editing a black & white video