432 Quiz


This quiz is open everything but the answers are in the presentations, projects, and cheat sheets. I am not looking for Wikipedia answers. The presentations, projects, and cheat sheets are located on the class schedule page as PDFs. Look for the red links. Write or type your answers on a separate sheet of paper, or have your answers on a screen (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). I’ll look at your completed quizzes before the review. Bring your answers to class for grading. If you cannot make the the quiz review, email your answers to me. 90% is passing. Rots o’ruck.

  1. Name the best method of sorting photos (e.g. Bridge, Finder, etc.) and why.
  2. Name the best method for selecting photos for editing.
  3. When creating a composite, what image quality characteristics are most desirable for each element used in the final work?
  4. When doing celebrity retouching, how much skin smoothing should you apply? Why?
  5. When doing celebrity retouching, should you eliminate or diminish lines and wrinkles. Why?
  6. When doing celebrity retouching, what should you do about blemishes (e.g. pimples, blackheads, sores, acne, scars, dry skin patches, etc.)?
  7. Name the three main Photoshop functions you need to know to effectively use Photoshop.
  8. What adjustments should you always do to an image?
  9. What is the first thing you should check when a client/boss gives you a file to retouch?