431 Quiz


This quiz is open everything but the answers are in the presentations and cheat sheets. I am not looking for Wikipedia answers. The presentations, projects, and cheat sheets are located on the class schedule page as PDFs. Look for the red links. Write or type your answers on a separate sheet of paper, or have your answers on a screen (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). I’ll look at your completed quizzes before the review. Bring your answers to class for grading. If you cannot make the the quiz review, email your answers to me. 90% is passing. Rots o’ruck.

  1. Define pixel
  2. Define bit-mapped graphics
  3. Define pixel density
  4. Define bit depth
  5. Define pixel dimensions
  6. Define upsampling
  7. Define downsampling
  8. Define color temperature
  9. What is a flatbed scanner used for?
  10. What is a film scanner used for?
  11. You want to upload a photo to your favorite social media site. What file format (JPG; PNG; GIF; TIFF; PSD; RAW; or DNG) should you choose and why?
  12. A client wants you to edit a photo. What file format (JPG; PNG; GIF; TIFF; PSD; RAW; or DNG) should you ask for and why?
  13. Define highlights
  14. Define shadow
  15. Define mid-tones
  16. Define brightness
  17. Define contrast
  18. Define saturation
  19. Define sharpness
  20. Define over-exposure
  21. Define under-exposure
  22. Define noise
  23. What can Camera Raw Filter do?
  24. What can Camera Raw Filter not do?
  25. What can PS do?
  26. What PS edits do all photos need?
  27. Which method, Camera Raw Filter or Adjustment Layers, should you choose when editing a photo and why?
  28. When using Camera Raw Filter, you change the layer to a Smart Filter before using the Camera Raw Filter. Why do we do this?
  29. All PS edits do one or more of these three basic functions. Name the three basic functions.
  30. What is the formula for making a high quality print?
  31. You have a JPG that measures 6000 pixels X 9000 pixels. What is the largest high quality print you can make?
  32. When editing, how often should you save your work?
  33. Define data backup?
  34. How often should you backup your data?
  35. How often should you get up from your computer and take a break?
  36. What is intellectual property?
  37. What is a copyright?
  38. What is Public Domain?
  39. What is Fair Use?
  40. What is a model release?
  41. What is a work for hire contract?
  42. What are royalties?
  43. What does royalty free mean?
  44. You want to copy a 350MB Photoshop file onto an empty 2TB portable drive. Is it possible? Why or why not?
  45. You want to copy a folder of Photoshop files that total 7GB. You have 900MB of available space on your portable drive. Is it possible? Why or why not?

Look at the photos below. What is the problem and how do you fix it?


DV Inside-3355-A


DV picture 1